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Girls of all ages wear fashion bangles because they are so versatile. They can accessorize shorts and a tank top one day while adding the perfect touch to a sundress or business suit the next day. Most young girls have at least one bangle, and even older women will use shell bangles with a sophisticated shape and color. Our wholesale fashion bangles are made from genuine paua seashells or mother of pearl. Customers can adjust them to fit a variety of wrist sizes, so they are suitable for young girls, teenagers and many adults. You purchase them in sets of 12, and they always come in a display box. Each box of fashion bangles arrives at your doorstep ready for purchase.

When purchasing shell bangles, variety is the key. Each box features bangles of a given theme, but you may receive multiple designs in each box. For instance, the horse bangles feature three different horse designs per box. You can get even greater variety by stocking up on mother of pearl bangles which feature hearts, dolphins, stars and other designs in every box. You can sell wholesale fashion bangles at a stall by the beach, a local flea market, an amusement park or an online jewelry shop. Even if you primarily sell higher-priced items, you can use bangles to attract customers who aren't ready to make a substantial investment. Click on following picture buttons to browse 10s of bangle bracelets.

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Paua Shell Bangles Horse - BG16
Your Price/each: $1.50
Paua Shell Bangles Horse - BG16
Cuff Bracelets made of genuine paua Sea shells . Three different horse style. Bracelets are adjustable. 12 bracelets in a display box. Minimum purchase of one box of 12 bracelets.
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